September 25, 2018

How artists supporting can help them and others…

OK, late night semi-rant. This wont be cleverly worded, rewritten multiple times or any of that. This is off the top of my head. I see so many artists complain about support, but: WHO do you support, Do you know who BENEFITS you, do you WORK with who supports you??

Do you sit and complain about people not coming to your show, sharing your music, buying your music and etc BUT never pay anybody for their services, never share other peoples (non musical) work, never go to events where you arent performing or events that arent music related?? If you support others, they might be more likely to support you. If you support others, they might be more likely to want to work with you or help you. If you arent supporting others, why expect people to support you? And if others are supporting you, how much are you supporting them or do you make an effort to do so?

For the rest of this blog im going to use the term “folks that do this^” and it will refer to Bloggers, social media gurus, promoters, executives, businesses, award shows, photographers, videographers, and anybody else i forgot that may not be a musician but is regularly and/or heavily involved in music in one way or another.

Yes, you are hooking your “homies” up with music, putting them on the list, etc etc BUT what about the people that do more than just tell you that you are dope?? Its great if the folks that do this^ buy your music/pay to get in your show/listen to you tell them how you deserve to be on a show/etc right? OR is it better for you to personally email music to them (in a friendly informative way), hit them up personally and see if they want to be on the list for your show, go out to their show/event/whatever and meet them, etc? Let them communicate with you, hear your music or see you perform and experience WHY they should support you, why you deserve to be on a show, ? Maybe they will share something, mention it/you, post a clip, share the flyer/event, or whatever to thousands of people who know the are folks that do this^ and whom they pay attention to?
** 2 sidenotes: 1. When i say personally I dont mean on their wall, their newsfeed, tagging them, or any other public manner. 2. if you ASK for feedback, input or etc then dont argue or tell them they are wrong. Accept it and think about it. **

Do you gain more from letting yo homie Pookie take photos, record your show on his phone, etc OR from working with folks that do this^ and paying them (or even working out a MUTUALLY beneficial agreement)?  By you paying them maybe they share your photos to all their fans/followers/etc (that benefits you in multiple ways), but even if they dont you DEFINITELY tag and credit. Why? And why are tags you are cropping out of photos maybe not a good idea? Cropping out the tag definitely isnt going to be appreciated by the person who did it, and they probably will see it and notice. Yea, those tags are crediting whoever took the photo, and that is also a good reason for you to tag them when you post it. When you post a picture/video/flyer/whatever and tag the person who did it then more people are seeing your post, people are seeing you support and show love, the person you are tagging is getting that your support (and they appreciate it), and that might generate good things for YOU. Whats better: your followers seeing your picture, video, etc OR your followers + the followers of the person you tagged + plus random other people who might see it because of the tags/likes/comments/etc?
** Sidenotes: This recommends tagging people you are mentioning or who contributed, it doesnt not recommend tagging random people or mass tags. Tagging random people and mass tags does NOT gain you support, fans, or etc. I know it seems like a good idea, but it has many more negatives or bad side effects than positives.

If more artists are support other artists and especially non artists, it can create much more support from the outside, benefit everyone, and create a bigger system/cycle where all can gain.

I may expand on this later, but i really wanted to put this out there.