September 25, 2018

Lettuce. Live in Nashville 11/7 & New Album

lettuce - crush
“Crush” Album Cover

Until recently I wasnt fully familiar with Boston Funk band Lettuce. Since I always keep my eyes open about good upcoming events, I noticed they were coming to the War Memorial in November. Ive never seen them live, so I was intrigued by the show. That intrigue grew even more when I was fortunate enough to get a preview of their upcoming album “Crush”. The album will release next week, on November 6th, the day before they will be live right here in Nashville!

If you are interested in checking out the show, you can get tickets and details on the War Memorial website.
Lettuce with The New Mastersounds


And might I suggest you pick up the Album?? As you can see from the very dope album cover for “Crush”, the are all about the horns. I personally love to hear a grove with any kind of horns on it, so that definitely influences my view of this album! The first single off Crush is called “Phyllis”, which you can hear on soundcloud and attached to this article. No disrespect to “Phyllis”, but there were 3 other tracks on this album that were my favorites! While the album is mostly instrumental, just after you finish listening to “Phyllis” the horns kick in, and then a smooth voice informs you it “Sounds Like A Party” To Me! “Sounds Like A Party” is so old school Funk that im sure George Clinton will be vibing to it like its his own! Toward the end there is back to back tracks called “Pocket Change” and then “The New Reel” that are jamming, but just before those two, you will get stuck on “Trillogy”. While listening to “Trillogy” I was just waiting at every turn for Dr. Dre to start spitting! It sounds like something that would be perfect on the Detox (should it ever release!), and I cant lie as it gets close to the end, I was almost feeling inspired to spit a few bars myself because of the crazy way they changed up the song!

While you get to wait 7 more days to get your own copy of “Crush” and 8 days to see Lettuce live, I got permission to give you just a little preview. Below you will find a snippet of goodness from “Sounds Like A Party”.